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Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice aims to announce a privacy policy of Optiwise Company Limited and its affiliates, which relates to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information through various channels which covers both online and offline. Your personal information will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with provisions of the privacy law and other applicable laws and regulations. This Notice provides the important information as described below.

1. Objectives of Personal Data Collection

Optiwise Company Limited will collect, use and disclose your Personal Data for management and administrative purposes to ensure that Optiwise Company Limited is able to run the business with you appropriately, effectively and lawfully, to fulfil obligations under contracts, to perform transactions, to provide suitable products and services, to respond to orders and requests, to improve the quality of products and services, or to pursue any other legitimate interests of Optiwise Company Limited.

In the event that the consent is provided, Optiwise Company Limited may use your Personal Information to analyse your preferences, to forecast your favour based on your profile analysis, and to offer you with a targeted content and advertisement.

You are free to decide whether you will allow Optiwise Company Limited to collect your Personal Data or not. However, please kindly note that if you decide not to provide us your Personal Data, you may not be able to earn certain benefits; for example, Optiwise Company Limited may have insufficient information to enter into a contract with you or to perform our obligations or commitments in some circumstances.

Now, therefore, Optiwise Company Limited would like to inform about the objectives of collecting, using and disclosing your Personal Data as follows:

  • To identify your identity;
  • To create personal account or membership;
  • To consider and forecast your favour in products and services;
  • To conduct surveys related to products and services;
  • To customise our Website and its content to your particular preferences;
  • To be a communication channel;
  • To establish, exercise or defense legal rights or claims as necessary;
  • To comply with laws and regulations or lawful requests by public authorities or where otherwise required or permitted by applicable laws, court orders, government regulations, or regulatory authorities whether regional or international;
  • To pursue Optiwise Company Limited legitimate interests, e.g. prevention of fraud or reporting of potential crimes.

2. Collected Data

For objectives as specified above, Optiwise Company Limited is required to collect, use and disclose your Personal Data according to the purpose(s) of each transaction which includes, but not limited to the following information:

  • Personal details such as name, surname, photo, gender, birthday, ID number, passport number, and resident country;
  • Contact information such as address, email, contact number;
  • Technical information such as IP address, cookies, access devices, location while using the website;
  • Satisfaction information as provided by you;
  • Social media information;
  • Any other information you are willing to provide.

3. Retention

Your Personal Information will be retained as long as necessary to satisfy the purposes for which your personal data has been collected. For example, if you prefer to receive information through our online channel, Optiwise Company Limited will collect data related to your transaction and will keep such information as long as necessary to achieve the transaction or in case you subscribe for Optiwise Company Limited's newsletter, your information will be collected and used until you unsubscribe or notify us that you no longer want to receive such newsletter.

4. Accessing to Website

Optiwise Company Limited is obliged to retain your computer traffic data, for at least ninety (90) days from the date you enter into Optiwise Company Limited's website. However, Optiwise Company Limited will not use such data to analyze consumption behavior or conduct market research without your explicit consent.

5. Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer's browser or devices when you connect or visit Optiwise Company Limited's website to navigate you through our website, and deliver friendly and more personalized service to you. However, Cookies will not collect information stored on your computer.

Optiwise Company Limited uses Cookies to learn more about how you interact with the content on our website in order to give you more satisfaction when using our website. Cookies will remember the browser you use and install when you are in our website. In addition, Cookies remember your preferences such as languages used and regions and automatically settings when you return to our website. Some of Cookies are Session Cookies and some are Persistent Cookies which will be stored on your computer for a longer period.

For certain operations, Optiwise Company Limited will use the third party service provider; for example, tracking and analysing statistical use and information of users of the Optiwise Company Limited website in order to customize our website according to your individual interests, and to manage the content on the website.

Optiwise Company Limited will not use Cookies to collect your Personal Information. If you do not want to accept Cookies, you may decline or block Cookies sent by Optiwise Company Limited or third-party service provider by changing the settings in your browser - more information on Help menu of your browser. However, most of browsers accept Cookies automatically. If you do not wish to accept Cookies, you may block or delete Cookies constantly.

You can go to for more information about how to refuse or delete Cookies from your computer or devices. You can find more information about Cookies collected in mobile phone and how to refuse or delete Cookies on your mobile phone user manual. Even though you refuse to accept Cookies from us, you can still visit our website, but some operations may not be correct or not as good as it should be.

6. Your Rights

As a Data Subject, you have the following rights:

  • To withdraw the consent for the collection, use or disclosure of your Personal Data;
  • To request an access to and obtain a copy of your Personal Data or to request the disclosure of the acquisition of your Personal Data obtained without your consent;
  • To request for obtaining your Personal Data, or transferring your Personal Data to the third party if it can be done by any automatic means;
  • To object to the collection, use or disclosure of your Personal Data;
  • To request for erasing or destroying your Personal Data, or anonymizing your Personal Data to become the anonymous data;
  • To request for restricting the use of your Personal Data;
  • To request for updating, completing and not misleading your Personal Data collected.

You can exercise your rights by sending Optiwise Company Limited an email or sending a written notice to Optiwise Company Limited, or equivalent details requested. Optiwise Company Limited will process such information received in accordance with, and to extent permitted by applicable laws.

Please note that Optiwise Company Limited shall retain our rights under the laws to reject your request in certain circumstances. If Optiwise Company Limited decides to reject your request, you will be notified the reason for such rejection. Optiwise Company Limited will try our best, also with considering technical capabilities to satisfy you with how we process your Personal Data. However, if you have any unresolved concerns, you may complain to Optiwise Company Limited or proceed further to the Data Protection Authorities.

7. Protection of Personal Data

Optiwise Company Limited determines to protect your Personal Data with our security standard and will provide appropriate safeguards to protect your Personal Data in order to ensure that your Personal Data will be legally and appropriately collected, used or disclosed.

8. Changes to Privacy Notice

Optiwise Company Limited reserves the right to make changes to this Notice from time to time to ensure that it is appropriate and in accordance with the applicable laws. Please frequently check to see any update or change to Optiwise Company Limited's Privacy Notice.

9. Contact

In case that you have any enquiries or require to exercise your rights or need any help regarding your Personal Data, please send email to us by indicating your purposes and providing us with your personal information together with an evidence to verify your identity. However, Optiwise Company Limited may ask for additional relevant documents or may reject your request if Optiwise Company Limited receives insufficient information.