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Annual Report

Your company’s annual report is probably the single most important document containing essential corporate information required by due diligence and regulators. As the largest and most thorough communication you will make to investors during the year, it includes information from years past and present to present an accurate and credible report that will endure and can be referred to by fund managers.


Investor presentations are an extremely helpful item for your marketing toolbox. This is what you will need to win over investor support for the big steps forward as well as being a great introduction to your company during investor events and roadshows.

Company Profile

The Optiwise team has helped many companies transform your company brochures into an attractive piece of marketing literature that will be a pleasure to look through and study. We write it simply and clearly, with full and accurate information. Just the right amount of graphics is included to highlight the facts and concepts that show your target audience that investing in your company will produce positive financial results.

Fact Sheet

The Optiwise tailored fact sheet is one of our most helpful services to market your company to investors and your company audiences.

We put all of your company’s important information in one attractive and easy-to-read sheet so investors and fund managers can find it quickly and understand it clearly. From key financial highlights to stock information, the factsheet is well organized, with simple and accurate graphs and charts that readers will appreciate.

Copywriting and Translation Service

Our marketing team has professional on-staff native Thai and English language copywriters to support and make sure your message will be understood by visitors everywhere.

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