About Optiwise | Optiwise

Who we are

Optiwise provides data and corporate services tools for public companies. These websites are modern, professional and user-friendly. And our services don’t stop there. Our ongoing website and information management services provide for all your company’s communication needs, where you need it and when you need it.

The Optiwise team is committed to ensuring that your company stays connected to the world, and that your information is accurate, up-to-date and communicated with outstanding professionalism.


Your trust is our reward

We are a team of innovative professionals with decades of corporate communications and investor relations experience. Collectively, we have managed investor communications for more than 300 public listed companies around the region.

Developing and managing technology in the online market is our passion.

Fulfilling your corporate compliance requirements and distributing your message the right way, effectively and appealingly, is our promise.


Our information library stays astride of the latest technologies to serve you best. We have the skills and online resources to store and take total care of your company’s information management and communications, without missing a beat.

Highest-grade security of your data guarantees confidentiality, and our professional 24-hour service staff are always online to provide the right solutions.